Friday, August 9, 2013

The F*ck Did I Just Play?

So I was browsing for some games to play online. 'Yung mga tipong inspiring at kakaiba naman to get inspiration and actually learn something from it. Gusto ko 'yung parang feeling na nakapanood ako ng isang malupit na indie short film. Maigsi. Swak. Kakaiba. Lakas ng tama!

I need this immersion sa ganitong mga klase ng games since I am actually interested in broadening my konwledge sa game designing. I have always created small scale games so why not explore more sa field na 'to? Anyway, working at home gave me this luxury of researching more about game designing. So mabalik tayo sa game hunting ko online. Yes, I found games na talaga namang kakaiba. Weird pero may kakaibang darkness. These are just uber short games na kayang kayang matapos within 5 minutes. Believe me, you won't regret experiencing these games. Here they are:


Poetry and a bit of puzzles. I like poetry and I like puzzles so SWAK. It has a creative way of integrating an actual poem sa gameplay. Simple yet it unravels a very heart warming story.


'Eto ang literal na parang indie film. Talk about dream cycle. Ganda ng pagkakagawa nitong game na 'to since it is really mysterious. Maiintriga ka talaga sa kung ano ba'ng ending ng game.


Isang puzzle platformer with an excellent narrative. Di lang s'ya at times challenging, the story telling is really engrossing as well. Reminds me of the game Braid actually in a positive way.


This is the shortest and simplest game sa list na 'to. It is short and yet it impacted me the most. Siguro dahil more than its gameplay (if you can call it like that), it has a dark symbolic relevance.

Lahat ng games na 'yan I found thanks to Extra Credit's channel. These games are gems! Hanga ako sa mga nakaisip ng mga games na 'to. They're better than Candy Crush or Angry Birds when it comes to depth and relevance. Very artistic games I should say. This is a solid proof na kahit games ay pwedeng maging medium for expression. To voice out something. Na pwede paqla silang maging art form.

Happy gaming!

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