Thursday, January 9, 2014

Autotune Remix Party!

These cool autotune remixes have been around for a while now pero ngayon ko lang sila actually napansin. I am really impressed! They maybe funny pero super galing ng nag mix ng mga "songs" na 'to. Mas bilib pa ko sa mga 'to kesa sa Chicsers at District 5 combined.

Nakakatempt tuloy gumawa ng sariling version, hehe. Maybe one of these days - pag marunong na 'ko mag-edit with autotune. Pero for the meantine, here's the list ng autotune remixes that I stumbled online that proves that creativity is everywhere!

The ever popular meme - REMIXED!

Another meme inspired remix

Makakarelate misis ko dito, hehe...

This will totally pass as a song

On the same league as the previous remix. CATCHY!

...and last but not the least, isang pinoy autotune remix na pagsamba kay Daniel Padilla. *facepalm*

Wala ako masabi. Rizal, asan ang pag-asa ulet?

Damn. Happy Nazareno day to everyone!

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